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What are VINS good for?
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Author: EL

January 22, 2017

Do you know that your vehicle has an identification number the is specific to it? The identification number is the VIN number- 17 characteristics. You may wonder why there is a VIN and listed below are some reasons:

  • Identify the Make, Model, Year, etc.

  • Identify specific part numbers if they need to be specially ordered

  • Identify the vehicle’s parts to repair or service it

In addition, the VIN number can help keep track of the vehicle's history either through the dealership, automotive repair and service facility(s), accidents, CarFax, etc. As mentioned earlier this month, we have made some transitions in the 2017 year- one being utilizing CarFax. People know that when purchasing vehicles they can get vehicle reports prior to purchasing the vehicle to get some history on the vehicle. That is similar to what we use the program for. Through entering the VIN, we can identify some of the services and/or repairs that occurred prior.  

Did you know that prior to 1981 vehicles had VIN numbers less than 17 characteristics?

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