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Winter Inspection
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Author: EL
October 19, 2017 

It’s hard to believe it is that time of year again… HALLOWEEN! Spring and summer flew by again and now we prepare for not only Halloween but Thanksgiving and Christmas. You may go to the store and already see Christmas things hitting the shelves, but don’t stress yet!

During this time, you should get a winter inspection done on your vehicle(s).

You may ask why do I need a winter inspection?

That is a good question. You should have a winter inspection completed because it reduces your risk of going to use you heat when we start to get those cold days or unable to start your vehicle. A few things you should have inspected are the following:

  • Coolant/Antifreeze

  • Tires & Brakes

  • Wipers & Windshield Wiper Fluids

  • Spark Plug Wires

  • Engine Oil

  • Battery (Posts, Cables, etc)

  • Fluids, Hoses, and Filters

Another aspect to have checked is your traction control, you don’t want to hit winter without traction control. This can increase your risk of hitting a ridge or some snow and lose control of your vehicle, there are already risks of hitting black ice. 

Call R Auto Repair, LLC Today for A Winter Inspection Appointment: 989- 340-1652

Don’t Forget to have an Emergency Kit in your vehicle, as well. As mentioned in a previous article(How can you prepare for the winter months in Michigan?), it is advised to keep the following:

  • Blanket(s)

  • Flashlight

  • First Aid Kit

  • Snacks

  • Ice Scraper

  • Water/Drinks

A few other things that were suggested are spare gloves and hats, small shovel, leak-proof coolant, and possibly sand to help get tires unstuck in the snow.

As a final note, if you have new drivers in your family, please make sure they are careful during the winter months and know what to do in all circumstances (black ice,etc).

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