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What are VINS good for?
1/22/2017 3:46:00 PM

Author: EL

January 22, 2017

Do you know that your vehicle has an identification number the is specific to it? The identification number is the VIN number- 17 characteristics. You may wonder why there is a VIN and listed below are some reasons:

  • Identify the Make, Model, Year, etc.

  • Identify specific part numbers if they need to be specially ordered

  • Identify the vehicle’s parts to repair or service it

In addition, the VIN number can help keep track of the vehicle's history either through the dealership, automotive repair and service facility(s), accidents, CarFax, etc. As mentioned earlier this month, we have made some transitions in the 2017 year- one being utilizing CarFax. People know that when purchasing vehicles they can get vehicle reports prior to purchasing the vehicle to get some history on the vehicle. That is similar to what we use the program for. Through entering the VIN, we can identify some of the services and/or repairs that occurred prior.  

Did you know that prior to 1981 vehicles had VIN numbers less than 17 characteristics?

Leaving Your Keys In The Ignition To Warm Up Your Vehicle...Illegal?
1/22/2017 3:16:19 PM
Author: EL
January 13, 2017

Recently, it has came to light and clarification for many individuals, if you leave your keys in the ignition, you’re not present it is illegal, and the vehicle is unlocked. Since 2014, there are “Nanny States”(including Ohio, Texas, Colorado) that enforced a no “puffing” law. “Puffing” refers to leaving your keys in the ignition while unattended and unlocked (WND, 2014). Within the state, the cities can implement different standards of the law. For example, in Flint and Grand Rapids, MIchigan there are different rules to the Michigan Vehicle Code, Section 257.676 (Riddle, 2017).

Especially in Michigan, we get hit with some cold morning and harsh weather. When people get ready for work, school, etc. they do not want to sit in their vehicle waiting for it to warm up. Some people invested in a remote start, while others still manually go outside to start the vehicle. Based on research, from 2012 to 2014, Michigan was ranked in the top 5 of U.S. states of auto theft while individuals left their keys in the vehicle (NICB, 2015).

In 2015, the following vehicles were the top of theft:

  1. Chevrolet Impala

  2. Chevrolet Pickup

  3. Ford Pickup

  4. Dodge Caravan

  5. Dodge Charger

  6. Chevrolet Trailblazer

  7. Chevrolet Malibu

  8. Pontiac grand Prix

  9. Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee

  10. Ford Fusion (NICB, n.d)

If you are to leave your keys in the ignition, the vehicle should be locked. You can do this by using your spare key or if your vehicle has a lock pad on the door. Although you may think that you are in a safe community, it is advised to lock your vehicle anyway.


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Riddle, T. (2017, January 6). Michigan: you can be tickets for warming up your car...or worse. Retrieved January 13, 2017, form Flints Rock Radio website: http://banana1015.com/michigan-you-can-be-ticketed-for-warming-up-your-car-or-worse/.

WND (2014, January 10). Cold shock: warming up your car illegal. Retrieved January 13, 2017, from WND website: http://www.wnd.com/2014/01/cold-shock-warming-up-your-car-illegal/#!.

New Year New Program
1/9/2017 5:25:58 PM

Author: EL

January 9, 2017

As R Auto Repair, LLC is nearing their one year anniversary since their grand opening, we are experiencing some new improvements to maximize our effectiveness in services. With a new year, R Auto Repair, LLC is continuously improving and innovating to provide efficient and effective services with repairs and customer services. 


R Auto Repair, LLC now uses CARFAX and has the ability to send you messages letting you know when your vehicle is ready to be picked up, as well as remind you of your appointment via phone, text, and/or email. When making an appointment if you have a preference please let our service advisor know.

Since the grand opening of the facility, we have helped the community with Tunnels to Towers and most recently the 2016/17 Woods Indoor Track and Field Club. In addition, helped the Cleary Cross Country Team in their season efforts (2016 USCAA National Champions). We look forward to having the Woods Indoor Track and Field Club represent our community throughout their season. Currently, they have one individual, Taylor Foster, who has met STATE qualifications in the 60 meter hurdles. This is the Woods 7th year participating as a Indoor Track and Field Club and will be competing throughout January and February, with the determination and drive to have more STATE qualifiers.

 This years’ team is very young, which bodes well for the future of Alpena running, but they ran like they were seasoned runners tonight. I owe that confidence to my team veterans, who have shown the rest of the team what it means to represent The Woods and the community of Alpena” – Mark Jacobs



Photo credit: Mark Jacobs. Pictured is Alpena High School senior Dallin Toth competing in the 1600 meter run.

Photo credit: Mark Jacobs. Pictured above is Alexis Reynolds and Taylor Foster competing in the 60 meter hurdles at CMU Friday night.
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