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Don't Miss Out On The Fun
9/22/2017 11:26:28 AM

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Author: EL
September 22, 2017

As Spring and Summer come and go, we start to bundle up for Fall and Winter. Thus far, we have been hit with a lot of rain and this means many people go mud riding or last minute weekend camping trips before winter and hunting season. However, some of these activities put stress on the vehicle. This can cause some issues that are not evident until later on and the mud can get into places it shouldn’t be.

Don’t let these endeavours keep you from enjoying all the Fall activities to come like going to a pumpkin patch, apple mill, corn mazes, or soon weekend hunting trips. We don’t want you to get out to the woods, shoot a nice buck then you have vehicle issues. So before the cold winter months and Fall endeavours are scheduled. Call today for an inspection to ensure your vehicle is safe and ready to go for anything (especially if there is heavy snowfall).   

During winters, the roads are covered in snow and there are higher risks of hitting ice. Make sure you have tread of those tires, working heat, and good wiper blades. In addition, make sure your traction control is working because the last thing you want his hit ice, slide all over with little to no control of what is happening.

Keep yourself and family safe!

How can you prepare for the winter months in Michigan?
9/6/2017 4:47:28 PM
Author: EL
September 6, 2017

You may be thinking it is only September, we are just about to hit Fall, and it has been only raining. However, what we may forget at times is we live in Michigan. We can have snow in the middle of summer and get hit with snowstorms in October.

People can prepare for the days they can not get to the store due to the roads by stocking up on some food and other essential supplies. You may have hot chocolate on hand for when you have to shovel/plow or when your children come in from outside. However, are you prepared in the event you break down or need supplies away from home?

Things you should have in your vehicle include:
  • Blanket(s)

  • Flashlight

  • First Aid Kit

  • Snacks
  • Ice Scraper
  • Water/Drinks

You may be wondering why should we have blankets in the vehicle. If you have a blanket or several, in the event you are left without heat in the winter having blankets will help you stay warm while you are waiting. In addition, when you have children with you, make sure you have what they may need (ex: formula and water- if have infant). You can even have a spare set of clothing.

Don’t forget to have your vehicle inspected to ensure it is safe for the harsh weather that can come at any moment.

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